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Skywood Outpatient wants to help you or your loved one take the brave step of seeking addiction treatment. Located in Royal Oak, Michigan, with a helpful staff dedicated to helping patients overcome substance use disorders (SUDs), Skywood Outpatient ensures that their admissions process is as simple as possible.

The caring staff at Skywood Outpatient is here to help you through every step of the process, and they will answer any questions you may have. You can contact them by phone at 248.617.6237 or online. An admissions coordinator will be assigned to your case, and they can speak to you about your addiction struggle and begin gathering information to assess how to serve your needs.

Contacting Skywood Outpatient

Someone giving us a call is always appreciated, no matter who it is. At Skywood Outpatient, the staff receives calls from potential patients, family members, loved ones of patients, behavioral health counselors, and referring physicians. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter who makes the call—what’s important is that someone does so Skywood Outpatient can help out however possible.

Patient Evaluation

Before addiction treatment can begin, a potential patient must undergo an initial evaluation. During this process, Skywood Outpatient’s staff can learn more about someone’s current condition, affecting the recommended level of care and the components of their customized and comprehensive addiction treatment plan.

Accessing Medical Records

A Skywood Outpatient admissions coordinator can gather all the required medical information, review your case, and determine if any of Skywood Outpatient’s programs fit you. Accessing your medical records is essential to this process, so please be sure to give your admissions coordinator permission to do so.

Approval of Applications and Finances

Your Skywood Outpatient admissions coordinator will be more than happy to help you determine insurance coverage and potential treatment costs once you have received medical clearance. Afterward, you can make the necessary financial arrangements and prepare for admission into a Skywood Outpatient addiction treatment program.

Patient Assessment

After admission, Skywood Outpatient’s staff can complete a comprehensive assessment and formulate treatment plans tailored to each patient. While the evaluation clears a patient medically, a thorough assessment digs deeper into psychological and social factors affecting someone’s addiction. This process is vital to developing individualized treatment plans that give patients a significantly higher chance of long-term recovery. For example, an assessment can help diagnose someone’s SUD and point to a need for medically managed detox and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Begin the Journey to Recovery at Skywood Outpatient

At Skywood Outpatient in Royal Oak, Michigan, you can find the support you need to change your life. Begin admissions at Skywood Outpatient by calling 248.617.6237 or reaching out online today.